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Fellowship Grant

  1. Fellowship Grant to the University (Years 1 and 2). During the Fellow’s first and second years of study at the U.S. University, VEF provides an annual grant of $27,000, paid directly to the University, to help support each VEF Fellow. These grant monies are provided in lieu of the following, which must be covered each year by the University: all required deposits, school orientation fees, required tuition and fees for the academic year and summer session/s; medical and health insurance required of international students for the academic year and summer session/s; required books and educational equipment; and stipends for 12 calendar months that would be at least the minimum amount that is provided to other graduate students in the Fellow's department. If there is a financial shortfall, the U.S. University is expected to provide additional funds to supplement the two VEF grants for the first two years because the Fellow has no other financial resources available. After the initial two years, Fellows of the last two cohorts, 2015 and 2016, who continue in a Ph.D. program will need to transfer to the funding and immigration sponsorship of the U.S. University.
  2. Professional Development Grant (PDG) to the Fellow.  VEF will provide each Fellow a total of $2,000 in PDG funds during their entire program of study. VEF will disburse $1,000 through the Fellow’s U.S. host university at the beginning of each of the two years of the Fellow’s program of study.
  3. Settling-In Allowance for the First Year.  VEF will provide a $500 Settling-In Allowance to the Fellow through the University in the first year, with the expectation that the University will provide these funds to the VEF Fellow as soon as possible after his/her arrival in the United States since s/he will have very limited resources at the start of graduate studies.
  4. Payment of VEF Funds for the Fellow to the University. The VEF Fellowship Grants ($27,000 for each Fellow for the first year and $27,000 for the second year), the annual VEF Professional Development Grant ($1,000 for each Fellow for each of the first two years), and the initial VEF Settling-In Allowance ($500 for immediate use in the first year) will be electronically transferred from VEF to the University by the beginning of each academic year. No administrative fees may be deducted by the University for administering or handling the VEF monies. The University makes all financial arrangements for distribution and application of monies. The first stipend payment must be made within the first month of arrival of the VEF Fellow on campus and every month thereafter. The University should make arrangements to provide the $500 Settling-In Allowance for the first year and a partial payment of the stipend as soon as possible after the Fellow’s arrival, as the Fellow has no other source of funds. Regardless of any unforeseen delays on the part of the University or VEF in processing the grant, the first and all subsequent stipend payments to the Fellow must be made in a timely fashion.
  5. Other Financial Support. VEF will also pay for the following:
    1. All costs related to the required Pre-Departure Orientation program conducted in Vietnam by VEF.
    2. Physical exam and inoculations required by the University prior to departure to the United States.
    3. Costs of economy-class airfare from Vietnam to the primary airport nearest the University and return economy-class airfare to Vietnam at the completion of the Fellow’s academic program. VEF provides a return air ticket to Vietnam for all VEF Fellows in these last two cohorts, 2015 and 2016, at the end of two years.
    4. Generally, VEF organizes an Annual Conference in the United States. If an Annual Conference is being held in a particular year, VEF will pay for the following: round-trip economy class airfare from the Fellow’s home of record in the United States, lodging, and most of the meals for the duration of the conference. Since these conferences promote networking and career development, we appreciate the cooperation of the University in encouraging the Fellow to attend.

Please click here for the full VEF Basic Financial Support Terms.

For questions, please contact:

Ms. Sandarshi Gunawardena, VEF Senior Program Officer, in the VEF U.S. Headquarters, at 703-351-5053 (within the United States) or 001-703-351-5053 (from outside of the United States) or email: