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Press Release: Vietnam Education Foundation Releases Higher Education Update Report (Based on our enabling legislation and the impending closure of VEF in 2018, VEF is no longer offering any Fellowships or Grants)

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Hanoi, October 31, 2014. The Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF) is releasing a report entitled “Observations on the Current Status of Higher Education in Agricultural Sciences, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Physics, and Transport and Communications at Select Universities in Vietnam.”

As a follow-up to the two earlier VEF reports: (1) Observations on Undergraduate Education in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Physics at Select Universities in Vietnam, published in August 2006; and (2) Observations on the Current Status of Education in the Agricultural Sciences in Vietnam, published in January 2007, VEF undertook another study on the situation of higher education in STEM fields in Vietnam.

Click here (PDF - 219 KB) for the Press Release in English. 
Click here (PDF - 289 KB) for the Press Release in Vietnamese.